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About Shaun Hall

Shaun Hall has been working in Raku since 1998. He has developed a personal style of wheel thrown and sculptural slab built Raku based on the vessel form, inspired by archaic objects and tools, and modernist style sculpture and architecture. ​ He is best known for using the Copper Matte fuming technique as well as lustrous copper glazes in reduction firings.. Each work is hand made and unique and unrepeatable.

Shaun's work is in many private collections and galleries across the UK and beyond. His graduate work was first bought by Selfridges & Co. In 2014 Chelmsford Museum acquired one of his works into their collection of Studio Pottery. Notable recent clients have included Arrup Associates, London, gallery representation in Vienna,  the USA and in India via design firm Curocarte. Shaun's work is in collections ranging across the globe, as far flung as Australia and Taiwan. 


Please feel free to contact me regarding my work and to visit  Etsy Shaunpots- if you wish to make a purchase. 


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